Drinking Water Law & Due Diligence in Ontario

This 21hr / 2.1 CEU course is mainly focused on the different legal and legal type components of Drinking Water in Ontario. Throughout this course, we'll review Acts and Regulations, in addition to Guidelines, Procedures and Standards. This course will provide an in-depth skim of most of the legislative framework for Drinking Water in Ontario. We review over 20 Acts with in depth reviews of over 10 regulations. We focus deeply on the Safe Drinking Water Act and Regulations 170/03 and 128/04. We’ll explore the Disinfection of Drinking Water in Ontario and the Ontario Watermain Disinfection Procedures in addition to AWWA and NSF Standards. There’s a whole lot more too. You’re provided a PDF manual that will serve as an authoritative reference manual for years to come. The manual has complete versions of O.Reg’s 170/03, 128/04, 169/03, 242/05, 248/03, 319/08 - Small Drinking Water Systems and 675/98 - The Reporting of Spills in Ontario. The E2 or federal Environmental Emergency regulation is also included. Full versions of Ontario’s Watermain and Disinfection procedures complete with CT tables. The course is worth taking just for the manual. I suggest you print it and place in a binder or order a bound copy. A Version 3 course, newly revamped and updated for 2020. This unique course and it’s format has been evolving since 2012. There’s no endless reading as many sections are narrated. You also don’t need to flip through slides or scroll endless web pages. How the Course Works: You take the “Unit Content Quizzes” and harvest answers from the manual. The progressive questions will guide you through the manual in a linear and sequential manor, providing short chunks of knowledge, interesting stories and nuanced guidance. The course marks your questions immediately and saves your progress at each question. Take as long as you like. And it‘s completely open book, use the manual or the Internet to harvest answers. Complete each of the 6-Unit Content Quizzes with a 70% in each unit to unlock the Course & Trainer Assessment e-form. Complete the e-form to immediately unlock your Course Completion Certificate. If you’re a Certified Operator in Ontario, OETC will upload your completion status to the MOE-WWOCS Database within 72hrs of completion. Enrol, start and finish today or take up to a year, completing portions when you have time. I’m sure you’ll agree this course format is the best, easiest and most interesting way to assume the depth and richness of this seemingly boring but vitally necessary knowledge set. Covered in this course: Regulatory Overview How to read law for the layman Definition of Due Diligence with origins Overview of the Multi Barrier Philosophy Review of pertinent section of the Safe Drinking Water Act o Detailed Review of: O.Reg 170/03 - Operations o Detailed Review of: O.Reg 128/03 – Certification and Logbooks o Review of O.Reg 169/03 – Water Quality Standards o Review of O.Reg 248/03 – Laboratory & Operator Testing Regulation o Review of O.Reg 242/05 – Compliance & Enforcement o Drinking Water Permits and Licenses Brief look at the contents of Various Acts of interest to the Drinking Water Professional o Ontario Water Resources Act o Clean Water Act o Nutrient Management Act o Occupational Health & Safety Act o Ontario EPA & O.Reg 675/98 Spills & o Canadian EPA & E2 Regulation o Canadian Food & Drug Act – Bottled Water o Technical Standards and Safety Act o Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Ontario & Federal o The Ontario Building and Fire Codes Guidelines and Standards o Detailed look at the Procedure for Disinfection of Drinking Water in Ontario, & o The Ontario Watermain Disinfection Procedure o Brief look at DWQMS o AWWA Standards o NSF Standards o Ontario Spills Reporting And a great deal more! Don’t be intimidated, our newest course format makes it a breeze to complete and learn.
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Drinking Water Law & Due Diligence in Ontario

Audience: Any person associated with Drinking Water in Ontario, especially those in leadership positions or who aspire to be leaders. Large or Small Water Systems, Municipal or Non-Municipal, Private or Public, this course is relevant to you and a great way to be Dully Diligent in performing your duty to the public. NOTE: The course Developer and Trainer (Vaughan Martin) is not a Lawyer and thus there is no legal advice provided in this course. He holds level 4 licenses and certification for all disciplines in Ontario and other jurisdictions and has served as supervisor, manager, director & regulatory advisor for water and wastewater systems across Canada and has extensive experience on the subject matter of this course. Director Approved (1.4 CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code: 8893 NOTE: This course is presently under reassessment for the 2020 update and has been submitted for 2.1 CEU’s. All course certificates and regulator uploads will be held until the regulator completes the assessment and affirms the new CEU level. If you need the 1.4 CEU’s now, just let us know via the Course and Trainer Assessment at the end of the course and we’ll upload right away at the 1.4 CEU level.

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