Log Books, Certification and AWQI / Spills Reporting in Ontario

Log Books, Certification and AWQI / Spills Reporting in Ontario

In this 7hr / 0.7-CEU course, we’ll introduce the attendee to the regulatory framework that governs Drinking Water and Wastewater in Ontario. Using interactive lectures & narrated legislation, in-lecture skills practice and intelligent quizzing, the student will gain an in depth understanding of their responsibilities for certification and logbooks and gain confidence in reporting AWQI’s and Spills in Ontario. Covered in this course: Regulatory Overview How to read law for the layman Definition of Due Diligence Overview of the Multi Barrier Philosophy Review of pertinent section of the Safe Drinking Water Act Logbook provisions within regulation 128/04 and 129/04 Review a Logbook template – incl. documents provided for facility use. Certification – differences and similarities in Drinking Water and Wastewater Certification guidance via MOE guidance manuals – incl. in course manual Ontario Environmental Protection Act in relation to spills Regulation 675/98 – Spills Classification Regulation 170/03 – Schedules 16 & 17 in relation to Adverse Water AWQI forms Audience: Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution and Wastewater Treatment & Collection. Large Municipal Residential Drinking Water and Municipal Wastewater Systems. NOTE: The course Developer and Trainer is not a Lawyer and thus there is no legal advice provided in this course. If taking this course for Wastewater and Director Approved CEU’s are not required, we can remove the AWQI reporting Unit for your group upon request however, there is still a significant drinking water component. With this course, including OETC’s Generic AWQI Reporting Procedure, the mystery of certification, log books and reporting of AWQI’s and Spills will be demystified. Geared to The Large Municipal Drinking Water System and Wastewater Personnel, delivered through a series of interactive presentations and intelligent quizzes. You can’t come away from this course without learning. Your CEU’s and course completion certificate will unlock immediately following course completion. Director Approved (0.7CEU’s) in Ontario - Course Code: 8953

Log Books, Certification and AWQI / Spills Reporting in Ontario - $345.



On-Line Course - $345 Taxes Included where applicable Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin
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