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Invoice Set-up Enrollment Request Form
If you’d rather not use the excel form above, you can fill out the form below. It’s not as easy, intuitive or pretty as the Excel based form above, but it gets the job done. The form below can be used by a Supervisor, Manager, Trainee or Training Administrator to request one or more courses for one or more operators and be invoiced. Following submission, you will be contacted within 24hrs by an OETC Account Administrator to inquire about any further required information, set your account up and enroll your staff. To select multiple courses hold the Ctrl or Shift keyboard keys. Conversely, you can call or email us and an OETC Account Representative will walk you through it.

Invoice Set-up or Group Registration or Supervisory Approval Form

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If you’re a Training Administrator, Supervisor or responsible for the Director Approved CEU’s and training for operators, the form to the right is for you. This Excel based form can be used to create training accounts and enrol into multiple courses. Simply complete the form and email it to the email address linked within the form. (publicly supplied email addresses get harvested) See below for more information
Click above to Download the Multiple Operator- Multiple Course sign up form for Municipal Invoicing
Municipal Invoicing Form
1. Create your New Operator Accounts and email each Operator their username, password, instructions & links to access the eTraining System. 2. Enrol different Operators into different selected courses. (No mix and match configuration is too difficult) 3. Provided you a copy of their unique coded 'Certificate of Completion' and 'Regulator Upload Verification' email upon Operator course completion. 4. Invoice your organisation instead of credit card, or Pay the invoice with your credit card 5. Whenever, in future, you want to enrol an operator in a new course, add another operator, obtain course completion or progress status, certificate copies or verification of OETC earned CEU's in a certification update cycle, simply email your OETC Account representative. The Excel based form has everything you need like dropdown lists of courses, pricing for estimating your cost, space to list Operators and assign to courses and of course the email address to send the completed form to. An OETC Account Representative will be in contact to verify the order, complete the admission process and notify you when the admissions have been completed.
Municipal Invoiced Account - OETC will: The not so Pretty - Web Based Form
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