Spills in Canada

A general course on Spills Response & Reporting in Canada

In this 6.5hr course, we cover the physical and reporting response to spills in Canada. The attendee will be introduced to various spill equipment, tools and supplies. We'll review the need to have a spills plan and become familiar with common responses in a spill situation. We'll review the federal and provincial/territorial spill reporting requirements and look at each provinces spills legislation. The objective of this course is to increase your awareness of spill situations, arm you with knowledge on how to respond and report and demystify the legal requirements for Spills in Canada. Covered in this course: UNIT 1 •Course Introduction •Examples of Fines Across Canada •Spills Preparedness •Contingency Planning and SOP’s •What Should your Plan Have •Example - OETC Spills Plan •The 5 W’s of Reporting •The 10 Step Spills Response & Reporting SOP •Practice Quiz Questions Throughout UNIT 2 •Spill Response Supplies & Spill Kits •Types, Sizes & General Content of Spill Kits •Pads, Socks & Pillows •Sorbents Explained - AD vs ABsorbent •Barriers •Flow Blockers •Personal Protective Equipment •Building a Spill Kit •Unit 1&2 Quiz This course is completely on-line and at the pace of the attendee. Using in-presentation exercises and intelligent quizzing, the student can gain complete mastery of the topic and view unit presentations multiple times, extra reading and resources are provided if the student wants to extend their learning. Unit quizzes must be passed in order to move to the next topic and can be attempted as many times as necessary, they will be different every time. The Certificate of Completion is instantly and automatically provided upon completion. If your regulator requires uploads of marks and attendance and this course is approved in your jurisdiction, OETC uploads to regulators within 72hrs of course completion. Audience: Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution and Wastewater Treatment & Collection operators, supervisors and managers. Workers who handle fuels or chemicals or anyone who may find themselves in a spill situation. NOTE 1: The trainer / course developer is not a Lawyer and as such there is no legal advice provided during this course. To purchase multiple enrollments see our Invoicing/Group page. NOTE 2: Maximum compatibility with the Google Chrome Browser. There are known issues with Microsoft Edge Browser. Director Approved in Ontario (0.6 CEU’s): Course Code 12748 Regulator Approved in Nova Scotia (0.7 CEU’s): Course Code 011001 (WT/WD/WWT/WWC) Regulator Approved in British Columbia (0.6 CEU’s): Course Code 8484 Regulator Approved in Alberta (0.5 CEU’s) NOTE: CEU values in any jurisdiction are decided upon by the Regulatory Review organisation and not under the control of OETC. Some will only accredit content targeted to that specific jurisdiction.

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UNIT 3 •The Physical Spill Response •Sewage Spills •Petroleum: Water (small quantity) and Land spills •Gaseous Spills •Laboratory: Biological and Acid/Base Spills •Clean up and Disposal •SDS and WHMIS •Transportation of Dangerous Good •Classification System •National Regulatory Landscape for Reporting Final Quiz based on all units but focused on Unit 3 Course & Trainer assessment Certificate of Completion
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Spills in Canada

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Course Developed and Delivered by Vaughan Martin This course has met the requirements under O. Reg. 128/04 as Director Approved Continuing Education.
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