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At OETC we care about the Operators and other Water and Wastewater Professionals we serve. Throughout this emergency, we’ll update this page to include more information from around Canada and the World. Make Informed Decisions.
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American Water Works Association - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Ontario Municipal Water Association - Latest Updates - and recorded webinars Ontario Municipal Water Association - Webinar Pres - Covid-19 May 2020 - PDF - Weblink OCWA - Ontario Clean Water Agency - Message from the President regarding COVID-19 Alberta W&WW Operators Association - Information on COVID-19 Water Environment Federation - Current Priority: Coronavirus Water Environment Federation - The Water Professionals Guide to Covid-19 Stantec - White Paper - Introduction to Coronaviruses PDF - Weblink Stantec - Coronaviruses and the Water Cycle Stantec - Recorded Webinar (Mar 30th) Impact of COVID-19 on W/WW Utilities AECOM - COVID-19 Worker Safety PDF AECOM - Examining COVID-19 PDF Water Canada - Wastewater Test could provide Early Warning Onsite Installer - Are Septic System Professionals at a Greater Risk for Covid-19 Treatment Plant Operator News - Covid-19 Guidance for Wastewater Workers Trojan Technologies - Covid-19 and Water Aquatech - Coronavirus & Water/Wastewater Institute for Underground Engineering - International Resources for Sewer Operations
The New England Journal of Medicine - Aerosol & Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 vs SARS-CoV-1 The Lancet - Latest Articles & Correspondence Nature Microbiology - SARS-CoV-2 detection in patients with influenza-like illness Nature Microbiology - Latest Articles Environmental Science & Engineering - Covid-19 resources for Waste & Water Professionals Scientific American - Are Viruses Alive Center for Disease Control (US-CDC) - Chemical Disinfectants NCBI-National Centre for Biotechnological Info - Use of Disinfectants: Alcohol & Bleach John Hopkins Medical Center - What is Cornavirus Wikipedia on Coronavirus Wikipedia on SARS - Both SARS-CoV-1 (of the early 2000’s) and the current CoV-2 OETC has seen an unprecedented surge in new admissions. With our remote 7day/wk trainer access, 72hr upload commitment and 7-day/wk Municipal Group Account creation objective, OETC already had a liberal and progressive Work from Home policy in place when the pandemic hit. As such, we’ve been able to not only keep up with the surge in new enrollments, but thrive and evolve into the pandemic. We have updated and streamlined our Municipal Account process. Group operator enrollments have moved to an semi-automated activation system that has all operators/students: Enrolled, Emailed login credentials with Invoices created instantly when your Account Rep. activates your order (usually within 12hrs of receiving the Municipal Invoicing Form). Of course your Municipal Account Representative is always available for any changes, updates or just to answer questions. The telephone wait time however, is still being worked on. If we don’t answer, please leave a message, we will get back to you that day. Our annual server upgrade, scheduled for December holidays 2020 was accelerated and completed in May. The project was expanded to handle the surge in bandwidth, ensuring load times remained at, or exceeded, the speeds our clients expect. the e-Trainer system is now able to handle hundreds of Canadian and Ontario operators concurrently completing their training 24/7/365. Our December holiday 2020 upgrade is still on track, but the scope has changed. This next upgrade will include multiple parallel servers, completely separate, but mirrored in (almost) real time. This will protect from denial of service attacks which has been on an alarming rise. The upgraded system will allow us to abandon / wipe infected servers while transferring operations to parallel systems with no loss of data and less than 24hrs interruption to up-time. As Canada’s first online training provider of Director/Regulator Approved CEU’s we continue to expand and evolve on other fronts too. We will keep you updated on our progress and provide notification of new online course offerings through our newsletter. Did you receive your “Control Room Companion” in the Summer Edition of the Ontario Pipeline. If not, Contact us to request a copy free of charge. If you have a municipal account with multiple operators, we’ll send you a few.
GLOBAL Find the Latest Global Cases Click Here CANADA Find the Latest Canadian Cases Click Here CORONAVIRUS About Coronavirus FACTSHEET PDF Government of Canada
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The Virus Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 The short form for the Virus is: SARS-CoV-2
The Disease Coronavirus Disease The short form for the Disease is COVID-19
Naming of a Virus and its Resulting Disease UN-World Health Organisation
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On the Topic of… Wearing Masks
In the Essential Water & Wastewater industries, Operations, Maintenance & Construction staff can find it impossible to social distance 100% of the time. What are we to do in these cases? Resources below on the wearing of masks and alternative face coverings. It’s a good idea, acquire supplies & implement it! With reopening - The RISK to our WORKERS and SYSTEMS has never been GREATER!!! Health Canada - ABOUT - Non-Medical mask and face coverings Health Canada - COVID-19: How to safely use a non-medical mask or face covering Transport Canada - COVID-19 measures, updates, and guidance issued by Transport Canada Public Health Ontario - What We Know So Far About… Wearing Masks in Public Public Health Ontario - What we Know so far - SERIES US-CDC - Use of Masks to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 Let’s keep our operators safe, our operations stable and our very essential services flowing.
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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19):  Outbreak update
Did you hear, our neighbour caught the SARS-CoV-2 virus and then developed COVID-19. That Coronavirus is a nasty disease.
CORONAVIRUS Be Prepared  FACTSHEET PDF Government of Canada
SELF ASSESSMENT TOOLS Government of Canada - Self-assessment Tool Ontario Government - Self Assessment Tool GOVERNMENT OF CANADA Canada - Government of Canada / Health Canada - Central Site Canada - Coronavirus - Employment & Social Development Canada - Labour Program & Fed. Regulated Workplaces Canada - Health Canada COVID Alert mobile app GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO Ontario Regulation 75/20 - Relief Orders for COVID Emergency Updated by O.Reg 410/20 - licensing/certification end date renewal relief changed, OIC/ORO coverage “while order is effect” expired on July 31, 2020. Ontario - Reopening Stages by Region - Update on Status Ontario - Ministry of Labour - Employment Standards & COVID Ontario - COVID Updated Statistics & Cases by Health District Ontario - COVID-19: Support for Workers Ontario - Find an Assessment Centre THE PROVINCES & TERRITORIES OF CANADA Newfoundland - Covid-19 British Columbia - Centre for Disease Control Quebec (en) - Coronavirus Disease in Quebec Alberta - COVID-19 Information for Albertans Nova Scotia - Government Responce to Covid-19 New Brunswick - Covid-19 Chief Medical Officer of Health Page PEI - Covid-19 Manatoba - Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus Saskatchewan - Covid-19 Government Response Page Yukon Territories - COVID-19 Nunavut - COVID-19 Northwest Territories - Covid-19 Daily Brief COVID-19 Update: Information for Members COVID-19 Update: Information for Employers McCarthy-Tetrault Ontario’s Emergency Management Act - Can they do that? Part 1 Ontario Government Releases New COVID-19 Workplace Guides Latest Articles Hicks Morley Orders Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act Ontario (Again) Updates Its COVID-19 Self-Assessment - July 20 Canada Labour Code - Leave to be Extended by 8 Weeks - July 17 OMERS Announces Significant Plan Amendments Association of Municipalities Ontario - AMO COVID-19 UPDATE: Emergency Management & Civil Protections Act Invoked AMO - Reports & Articles related to Coronavirus
OETC’s take on masks: If wearing a mask to protect yourself (as well as others), then be sure to use N95 or greater for small particle filtration. It is our opinion that these are not being recommended due to the continued shortage for medical worker PPE. If this shortage did not exist, then a respiration type filtration mask would probably be recommended by the officials. This would provide protection to both the wearer and the public at large. Don’t forget your eyes. As we know from Drinking Water, viruses are the smallest infectious materials known to exist. Virus can be present in particles of spittle smaller than the eye can see. And from fluid dynamics, we know that these micro sized particles can remain suspended in the air for hours and be carried extensive distances before colliding with an object. Don’t let that object be your eyes. See how many particles are suspended in the air when you catch a ray of morning sunlight through a window. These particles hang suspended, influenced by any passing air current. They don’t settle because their density is less than air in which they float. Micro spittle particles are no different.
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