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Protecting the community and environment through knowledge
ECO-FRIENDLY ECO-FRIENDLY No fossil fuels are expended while completing your e-Training course. All efforts are taken to reduce environmental footprint throughout all stages of our e-Training System. KNOWLEDGEABLE KNOWLEDGEABLE Our developers & trainers are industry experts with years of practical experience & technical knowledge. Core course focus: Operations, Maintenance, H&S, Laboratory, Management, Regulatory & Engineering. INDUSTRY LEADING INDUSTRY LEADING We at OETC strive to be early adopters of technology to assist in our mission of creating healthier, safer communities through knowledge. FAST & CONVENIENT FAST & CONVENIENT One can sign up & complete a course today. Personalized certificate provided immediately upon completion. Regulatory notification provided within 72hrs of completion in applicable & approved jurisdictions.
Municipal & Company Invoices Option 1 - Invoiced Complete our Invoice excel based form to get your courses invoiced to the workplace. With this option, you’ll be assigned an Account Administrator. Whenever you want staff enrolled into courses, simply email your Administrator, you’ll be invoiced. 1. If operators/students have e-Training accounts, we will Enroll your staff into the requested courses, then email them a notification. We’ll let you know when your staff accounts/enrollments have been completed. Usually within 12hrs. 2. If they don’t have e-Training Accounts, provide us with: Name, Email address WWOCS or 9-Digit Operator Number (We can get it if you don’t have it) and we’ll create their accounts, enroll your identified staff to the requested courses and email each staff with login credentials, instructions and links. To learn more visit our Municipal Invoiced Set-up Page In all cases above, we invoice you. You can choose to pay via your Accounts Payable or Credit Card. You can find Invoice Setup’ at the top of any screen and in our footer. A simple and quick way to enroll multiple operators into a variety of courses. OETC Inc. subscribes to e-transfers and invoice payment by credit card. Course Purchase Option 2 - Add to Cart Visit our Store, review our courses and ‘Add to Cart’. Purchase one or more courses for yourself or others via credit card or paypal. Upon checkout, you’ll be provided Enrollment Keys via email/download that unlock and instantly enroll the recipient. These digital codes can be emailed to staff along with a templated email (with text that we provided you) that instructs the recipient. Training budget dollars left over? Enrollment Keys can be redeemed up to 1yr from date of purchase. Once redeemed, your course enrollment is active for 1yr. Visit our Store to “Add to Cart” Course Purchase Option 3 - Direct Enrollment Create an account, Log into OETC’s e-Trainer System and purchase your courses directly with PayPal. With ‘Direct Enrollment’, the logged in student can purchase single courses for themselves, gaining instant access. You can also Add to Cart’ from within the e-Training System.
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OETC v35 Protecting our Communities & Environment through Knowledge
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