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Relevant Industry Links

Canadian Federal Legislation
Links to Canadian Federal Legislation relevant to the Drinking Water, Wastewater & Environmental Industries. Click here to for a list of all Consolidated Canadian Federal Acts.
Links relevant to the Water, Wastewater & Environmental industries including administrative. If we’ve missed a relevant link let us know.
Guides, Bulletins & Standards
United States - Environmental Protection Agency
US Spills CHEMTREC - 1800 424 9300 National Response Center 1800-424-8802 National Poison Center 1800-222-1222
CANUTEC - Canadian Transport Canada 613-969-6666 OR *666 Cellular
National Emergency Reporting
NOTE: Not all these links will remain active. If link broken, copy the text and paste into an Internet Search box. This should bring forth the desired updated links. To report a broken link Contact us.
Relevant Federal & Industry Links
Citing Regulations and Statutes in Canada - Resources and Knowledge base Queens University Library: https://guides.library.queensu.ca/legalcitation-mcgill-9th/how-to-cite-regulations Ontario eLaws Definitions https://www.ontario.ca/laws/e-laws-definitions Hoisting & Rigging - Safety Manual - Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (Ontario)
Other useful Resources & Links