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New Forms Info, Features and Tips FORMS - Links to MECP online and up-to-date forms 2130E Exam Registration 2132E Operator-in-Training Certificate and Licence Issuance 2135E Drinking Water Certificate and Wastewater Licence Renewal Application 2136E Drinking Water Certificate and Wastewater Licence Application 2131E Change of Address Notification 2133E Water Wastewater Operator Certification System User Access Request 2134E Municipal Residential Drinking Water Subsystem and Wastewater Facility Classification 2160E Director Approved Continuing Education Reassessment and Instructor Assessment Application 4444e - Notice of Adverse for O.Reg 170/03 Governed Systems 4580-64e - Notice of Adverse for O.Reg 319/08 (Small Drinking Water Systems) TIP SHEETS Preparing for your Exam – OWWCO Provided Information Drinking Water Renewal Tip Sheet - PDF Wastewater Renewal Tip Sheet - PDF FACT SHEETS Mandatory Renewal Course Fact Sheet – WCWC Entry-Level Course for Drinking Water Operators - WCWC or OWWCO GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS Watermain Disinfection Procedure Procedure for the Disinfection of Drinking Water in Ontario Certification Guide for Operators and Water Quality Analysts of Drinking Water Systems Guide to Drinking Water Operator Training Requirements How to Maintain Your Certification – Limited System Operator How to Maintain Your Trained Person Designation – and Training Tracker Licensing Guide for Operators of Wastewater Facilities Obtaining Director’s Direction to Use Non-certified Operators in the Event of a Strike of Lock-out On-the-Job Practical Training Sheet Required Qualifications to Operate, Test or Sample Drinking Water Systems Under the SDWA Requirements for the Issuance of Drinking Water Operator and Water Quality Analyst Temporary Certificates Student’s Guide to Drinking Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Training Manual for Supervised Persons Conducting Operational Checks Renew a Limited System Certificate STEPS TO BECOME A… Limited System Operator Supervised Person (for Chlorine & Turbidity Testing) Trained Person (Small Water Systems) EXAM NEED-TO-KNOW GUIDES - MOE 2003 Water Treatment Water Distribution Water Distribution and Supply Limited Water Subsystem Water Quality Analyst Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Collection MINISTRY GUIDELINES Guideline 2.4 – Drinking Water OIT Certificate Requirements Guideline 3.1 – Grade 12 Equivalency Guideline 3.2 – Limited System Director Approved Course of Study Guideline 3.3 – Water Quality Analyst Experience and Director Approved Course Guideline 3.4 – Experience as a Drinking Water Operator Guideline 3.4b – Experience as a Wastewater Operator Guideline 3.5 – Reciprocity – Recognition of Certificates Secured in Other Jurisdictions Guideline 3.6 – Recognition of Education Received in Jurisdictions Other than Canada or the U.S. Guideline 3.7 – Exam Accommodations Guideline 3.9 – Trained Person Designation Guideline 3.10 – Accepted CEUs to Upgrade Certificates/Licences Guideline 3.11 – Exam Results Validity Guideline 4.4 – Director Approved Continuing Education Guide for Training Providers Guideline 4.6 – Training Requirements and Leave of Absence Guideline 5.1 – Overall Responsible Operator vs. Operator-in-Charge Guideline 5.2 – Obtaining Director’s Direction to Use Non-Certified Operators in the Event of a Strike or Lock Guideline 5.3 – Crediting Experience for Contractors Guideline 6.6 – O. Reg. 128/04 – Examination Invigilation EXAM FORMULA SHEETS - ABC Standardised Formats 2017 CDN/US Edition - Water Treatment / Distribution / Laboratory 2017 CDN/US Edition - Wastewater Treatment / Collection / Laboratory / Industrial 2009 Canadian Edition - Water 2009 Canadian Edition - Wastewater Plant Maintenance - US Only Biosolids Land Application - US only SMALL DRINKING WATER Specific Documents Health Protection & Promotions Act O.Reg 319/08 (SDWS) Getting to Know the Law Small Water Responding to Adverse Water Small Drinking Water Systems - Who Does What? Small Drinking Water Systems Risk Assessment - 2018 Procedure for Corrective Action for Small Drinking Water Systems that are Not Currently using Chlorine Notice of Adverse - Small Water Rules for Non-Municipal Drinking Water Systems Laboratory Services Notification Notice to Operator or Reopen a Small Drinking Water System Small Waterworks Assistance Program 4580-64e - Notice of Adverse for O.Reg 319/08 (Small Drinking Water Systems) Other Links of Interest to the Ontario Operator Ontario Collective Bargaining - ePortal Ontario’s Regulatory Registry Regulatory Registry - Current Proposals Regulatory Registry - Email Alerts
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