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We at OETC thank you for your purchase. You will receive a confirmatory email shortly with payment  and your e-Training log in information. You   will   receive   a   second   e-Training   invitation   email   a   few   days   before   your   training   date   which   will   serve   as   a   reminder.   This email   will   include   your   passwords   for   the   on-line   e-Training   Virtual   Classroom   and   Telephone Audio.   You   can   also   access   the virtual classrooms and course tests and exams through the e-Training Portal  link in the main menu. If   you   do   note   receive   your   e-Training   invitation   email   by   48hrs   before   the   start   date   of   your   course   please   email:   Vaughan Martin  or call OETC at 519 647 1000 Below   are   a   few   tips   to   ensure   you   have   a   great   e-Training   experience   (Don’t   worry,   this   info   will   be   in   your   e-Training invitation email as well) Please   log   in   /   call   in   10-15   minutes   before   the   scheduled   start   time.   This   will   ensure   you   have   enough   time   to   rectify any issues that may occur. Make   sure   you   have   the   latest   versions   of   both   your   browser   and   of   the   Adobe   Flash   Player.   You   can   check   Adobe's Website for the newest version of Flash Player by clicking here . Clear your browser cache of old files and try to close any applications that are not crucial to your conference. Always   make   sure   to   select   ALLOW   if   the   Flash   Player   Settings   box   prompts   you   before   you   join   a   video   conference. This is important, if you select DENY then NO feeds (Video/Audio/SMD) will function in the conference! If   only   using   VOIP   for   the   audio   portion,   ensure   you   have   a   working   microphone   as   to   ensure   you   can   communicate with your class and trainer.
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