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Meet the Trainer - Vaughan Martin C.E.T.

Industry Leading - Environmentally Conscience - Knowledgeable - Compassionate - OETC’s Mission

Vaughan Martin

Mr.   Martin   is   a   20   year   veteran   of   industry   with   over   15-yrs   experience   in   the   Water   /   Wastewater sector   holding   diplomas   in   Water   Resources   and   Environmental   Engineering   Technology.   He   has operated   and   managed   large   and   small   water   and   wastewater   facilities   throughout   Ontario   and served   as   regulatory   advisor   to   a   large   municipality   throughout   the   legislative   changes   brought about   through   the   Walkerton   Inquiry.   Mr.   Martin   holds   Level   4   Ontario   Certification   for   Water   and Wastewater   Treatment   as   well   as   Distribution/Source   and   WW   Collection.   He   has   served   as Operational    Lead    on    over    $400M    worth    of    capital    infrastructure    upgrade    and    development; including   municipal   O&M   Management   lead   for   the   greenfield   construction   of   the   Burloak   Water   Plant .   Mr.   Martin’s   also served   as   the   Projects   Director   over   the   Lake   Huron   and   Elgin   Area   Primary   Water   Systems .   Serving   15   Municipalities administered   through   two   Boards   of   Management,   Operated   by   a   Contracted   Operating Authority   lead   by   Mr.   Martin. A   former Continuing   Education   teacher   at   Mohawk   College, A   former   member   of   the   MOE   Exam   Review   Committee,   former   chair   of   the Western   Lake   Ontario   Water   &   Wastewater   Association.   Mentoring   Participatory   Management,   Continual   Improvement,   and the   Protection   of   the   Community   and   Environment   through   knowledge,   Mr.   Martin   both   develops   and   delivers   courses. Vaughan Martin is also the Managing Director of OETC.
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