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First Nations & Small Operating Authority Discount

We at OETC understand that there are unique financial challenges facing small communities and First Nations throughout North America. For this reason, and in keeping with the OETC Mission Statement, you could be eligible for a 20% discount on all course enrolments. NOTE: If approved, your discount will apply from the date of application. Thus any fees you remit for course enrolment between the submission of this application and receiving your discount code will be eligible for the discounted rate. Any fees you remit over the discounted rate will be refunded. If   you   work   for   an   Operating   Authority   that   services   a   population   less   than   10,001   anywhere   in   North   America   or   reside   on   a recognised   First   Nation   in   Canada   or   USA   (as   detailed   by   a   CDN   Status   Card   or   US   CDIB). Then   complete   the   embeded   form on   this   page   to   apply   for   your   20%   discount   code   for   e-Training   and   on-Demand   courses   ( NOTE:   Not   applicable   for   Live Scheduled Events ). Once   we   process   your   application   and   you   are   approved,   you   will   receive   an   email   detailing   your   discount   code   and   expiry date.   This   code   can   be   used   for   all   digital   course   enrolments   with   no   limit   ( NOTE:   Not   applicable   for   Live   Scheduled Events ).   This   discount   cannot   be   combined   with   any   other   discount   offer   OETC   may   provide   unless   otherwise   specified.   For First   Nation   applicants   within   Ontario   an   extra   8%   discount   will   be   included   to   account   for   your   PST   tax   exemption.   All   other locations   outside   Ontario   are   not   charged   a   PST,   and   locations   outside   of   Canada   are   not   charged   Canadian   or   local   tax through OETC. OETC reserves the right to cancel the approved discount code at any time and at its sole discretion due to suspected abuse. If OETC does take this step, we will contact the applicant via the provided email address.  The normal expatriation date on the provided code is 1-2 yrs from the date of the approved application, at the discretion of the OETC reviewer. If, at the end of the expiration date, there is limited use or abnormally high use, OETC may require, at its sole discretion, a re-application of the discount. OETC also reserves the right to extend the discount with no re-application required. If we do this we’ll send you an email detailing our actions. OETC reserves the right to approve or deny any application at its own discretion. This discount is not applicable for Live Scheduled events and pertains only to e-Training and on-Demand courses. What you’ll need to apply: First Nations Name, Address and contact information (email / phone) a   colour   photo-copy   of   the   front   and   back   of   your   Government   of   Canada   First   Nation   Status   Card   OR   USA   CDIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood or Certificate of Degree of Alaska Native Blood). A   description   of   your   Operating Authority.   NOTE:   Identified   Status   Native   North Americans   do   not   need   to   work   within   a reserve   to   qualify.   The   deciding   factor,   if   you   are   a   Native   North American,   is   legal   possession   of   a   Indian   Status   Card in good standing. If   you   are   not   a   card   holding   recognised   Native   North   American   working   on   reserve   you   may   still   qualify.   A   band member   must   apply   on   behalf   of   the   band   or   reserve.   NOTE:   If   the   Native   Band   applies   on   behalf   of   the   reserve, anyone working within the reserve may use the discount code. OETC   understands   that   many   “Native”   communities   within   the   USA   do   not   have   government   recognised   status   but   still live   within   a   quasi   band   /   commune.   Non-recognised   Native   Bands   /   Reserves   within   the   USA   may   still   qualify.   Please use   the   “Description   of   your   Operating   Authority”   section   of   the   form   to   make   your   case   for   eligibility.   If   your   band   / community   has   a   website   that   describes   your   native   roots   this   would   help.   Similarly,   you   may   be   able   to   apply   under the   “Operating   Authority   Serving   Under   10,001   Population”   if   you   cannot   provide   enough   proof   /   documentation   for   a First Nations discount. Operating Authorities Serving under 10,001 population Name, Address and contact information (email / phone) A   description   of   your   Operating Authority   and   photocopies   of   all   Water   and/or   Wastewater   facility   licenses   /   certificates under the Operating Authorities direction. A web address where OETC reviewers can conduct an investigation on the relevance of your claim. A   recent   pay   stub   (account   or   sensitive   information   can   be   blacked   out)   that   clearly   states   the   employer   (municipality   or Private Entity) and the applicant as an employee. o If   you   work   for   a   private   Operating   Authority   that   serves   an   owner   /   municipality   with   a   population   of   under 10,001   population   you   must   also   supply   some   documentation   that   states   that   the   private   operating   authority   is contracted   to   the   small   system.   For   instance,   the   “Description   of   Water   /   Wastewater   System”   that   appears   in   a regulatory inspection report, that details the name of the Operating Authority” may fulfil this requirement. Either an individual operator / employee may apply OR a municipal employee on behalf of the Municipality.
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