MacOS El Capitan and later versions Split screen will work with macOS El Capitan, High Sierra, and Mojave. However, this function is not available on macOS Yosemite and earlier versions. 1. In the upper-left corner of the application, press and hold down the full-screen button using split screen on mac 2. When the window shrinks, you can drag it to left or right side of the screen (the chosen area will be highlighted in blue) 3. Release your drag and choose the app you want to be shown on the other half of the screen 4. Resize the windows according to your preferences (press and move the centre, vertical bar) If you already work in full-screen view, the previous method won't work. Try the following: 1. Open Mission Control (press the Mission Control button control button- F3, the shortcut Control+Arrow up, swipe up with four fingers, or use other alternative methods). 2. Create a new split screen by dragging one app over the other in the Space menu bar at the top of the screen. How to Exit Split Screen View on Mac There are two ways to exit Mac split screen. For the first option, follow these steps: 1. In Split View, move the pointer to the top of the screen 2. When the window menu appears, press the full screen button 3. The split screen will be closed, and your chosen app will show up in its regular format 4. The other app will remain in full view; use Mission Control to access it The second way to exit Split View is to press Escape. However, this key may be used for other commands within your window, so be careful not to exit split screen unexpectedly. These instructions were adapted from mac/#:~:text=To%20activate%20a%20window%20in,start%20to%20accept%20your%20commands.&text=Move %20the%20pointer%20to%20the,Apple%20menus%20will%20be%20accessible. For other instructions on how to SPLIT your SCREEN on an Apple Computer CLICK HERE
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