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Small Drinking Water Systems (Ont) - Heath Protection and Promotions Act

The links on this page are meant to assist Small Drinking Water Systems by providing links to

relevant documents and forms from the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care under the Health

Protection & Promotions Act for the delivery of safe drinking water.

If we are missing a link or if any of our links are broken, please use the form below to communicate

this to us so we can continue to provide this service to you.

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Health Protection & Promotions Act

O.Reg 318/08 (SDWS Transitional)

O.Reg 319/08 (SDWS)

Procedure for the Disinfection of Drinking Water in

Ontario - Small Drinking Water Systems

English  /  French

Procedure for Corrective Action for Small Drinking

Water Systems that are Not Currently using Chlorine

English  /  French

Laboratory Services Notification Form

Small Drinking Water system Identification Form

Notice of Adverse Test Results & Issue Resolution Form

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