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Regulatory Updates

The OETC regulatory update newsletter is provided to industry insiders free of charge. To start receiving your monthly newsletter click on the Newsletter Icon above. For the current monthly update Click Here. Your monthly on-line updates can provide for your ISO and DWQMS conformance (check with your auditor). We keep you up to date on the latest and impending regulatory changes. The following resources are used to compile your updates: Regular & thorough Ontario EBR and Bills review. Health Canada & CEPA mailing lists & latest issues. Provincial Ministry’s of Environment mailing lists. Subscriptions to Environmental Law regulatory update publications and the Ontario & Canada Gazette Reviews conducted by industry experts in operations, management and compliance. Want more information on how to read legislative documents? Click here for a brief description of how to review legislation for the non- lawyer industry insider.


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Safe Drinking Water Act 

O.Reg 170/03 (O&M)


Disf. of Potable Wtr - guide


DWQI - Form

O.Reg 128/04 (Certification)

O.Reg 248/03 (Labs)

O.Reg 169/03 (WQ Standards)

O.Reg 242/05 (Inspections)

O.Reg 188/07 (License of MDWS)

O.Reg 243/07 (Schools etc.)

O.Reg 453/07 (Financial Plans)

Ontario Water Resources Act

O.Reg 129/04 (Certification)

O.Reg 387/04 (Water Taking)

O.Reg 903/00 (Wells)

O.Reg 223/07 (Env. Penalties)

Health Protection & Promotions Act

O.Reg 318/08 (SDWS Transitional)

O.Reg 319/08 (SDWS)

Small Drinking Water Systems Page

Relevant Ontario Legislation

Ontario Health & Safety Act

O.Reg 632/05 (Confined Spaces)

O.Reg 851/00 (Ind. Establishments)

O.Reg 860/00 (WHMIS)

O.Reg 490/09 (Desig. Substances)

O.Reg 213/91 (Construction Projects)

O.Reg 278/05 (Asbestos)

O.Reg 834/00 (Define. Critical Injury)

O.Reg 780/94 (Training Programs)


Ontario EPA

O.Reg 347/00 (Waste Mgt.)

O.Reg 360/00 (Spills)

O.Reg 224/07 (Spill Contingency)

O.Reg 452/09 (Emis. Reporting)

O.Reg 102/94 (Waste Audits)

O.Reg 101/94 (Recyc & Compost)

O.Reg 222/07 (Penalties)

O.Reg 232/98 (Landfilling)

O.Reg 675/98 (Spill Classification)

Ontario Acts - Alphabetical

Ontario Guidelines and Bulletins

Technical Bulletins and other links

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