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Enrollment from outside Canada and USA

e-Training OETC will accept enrolments from outside Canada and the USA; however, the telephone portion of the e- Training session would not be available as a default. The international student will receive the audio portion of the e-Training session via a two way Voice Over IP (VOIP) broadcast through their computer speakers. You will require a microphone to communicate using voice to the class. The VOIP experience compared to telephone + VOIP is just as good and in some insistence considered more convenient. In addition to the VOIP broadcast, there are still many communication tools at the students disposal. Via your on- line web interface you will have functions like on screen text to the class and private on screen text to either your training or another student (functionality controlled by the trainer). While you are typing an indication sound is made to notify the trainer that you are typing. There is a “Click to Raise Hand” function and all the questions or interactions occuring on the telephone portion will be audible to the non-telephone connected international student through the VOIP broadcast. If an international student or organisation would like to receive OETC training and wants to take part in the telephone portion, this can be done in one of two ways: An extra fee for toll free telephone participation can be added to your enrolment fee. This option is only available in a handful of countries. In some countries this fee can be very costly as this is under the control of the local telephone companies. You can be provided an international toll phone number to call into. You would then be charged international calling rates by you local telephone provider. Time Zones: Most standard courses are offered in the Eastern Time Zone (-5) as this has allowed us to serve most of North America. However, due to the vastness of Canada, we have been required to set up specific courses to time zones outside of our Eastern Standard. Similar to how we conduct specific training to individuals and groups within North America in times other than Eastern, we can also schedule courses specific to you and/or your group in your time zone. For more information or to set up a course, contact us at info@oetc.ca. Provide us with your time zone and location, your prefered start time for the course (in your time zone), some prefered dates (please give us 3 dates) and how many will be in attendance. An OETC representative will happy to assist you. This question has also been asked via our Frequently Asked Questions page. on-Demand - Anyone throughout the world can take an on-Demand course. The only extra cost you may incur is if you wish to order a print manual with your course. Tine Zones are not an issue with on-Demand courses as these are complete at the convenience of the student. NOTE: At OETC our first priority is to the distribution of quality knowledge to all who need it. Please review our First Nations & Small Town policy to see if perhaps you qualify. OETC will accept applications for financial relief from individuals and government entities from outside Canada and the USA. When reviewing your request for relief we will take into consideration the telephone audio portion. We will also consider your nations position in the United Nations list of nations respectful of GDP.   In relation to the shipping of course materials or fees associated with international shipping please review our Shipping Policy.  
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