Now Available OETC is presently working on placing all our course content on line in an On-Demand format. At present, many top universities are constructing courses on a backward format philosophy, conducting lectures and practice exercises on-line and using the classroom time for discussion and group works. For industry training, we may be very well served with this type of format while utilising built in discussion boards for conversations and questions.
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Live at your location* - - On-Demand self Study


These courses will be somewhat different than traditional classroom courses. They will have built in quizzes and exercises, in-line flash animation and video to help demonstrate concepts. There will also be specific feed-back to each participant based on your answers, including demonstrated mastery of each concept before moving on. These flexibilities are being built right into our on-Demand courses in a way that just cannot be done in traditional live teaching formats. You will also be provided your scores and marks immediately upon quiz, exam and course completion. Once complete, you will be be immediately issued your certificate and your *Regulator Approved marks will be uploaded to the regulatory authority no later than 4- days following completion. We’ll send you an email once upload is complete. These courses will be more adaptable, more effective in content delivery and mastery. Most importantly, they will be convenient. If you need to get training hours in a hurry, you can purchase a course and complete it that day! OETC uploads marks to regulatory authorities within 72hrs of course completion so you can be assured that if your course is approved in your jurisdiction, your regulatory authority will be notified shortly following completion. If you need your marks uploaded quicker, just send us an email or give us a call.
We are extremely excited with this new content delivery format and are working with some of the top organisations in the world to facilitate this transfer. Our course developers and Managing Director are presently digitizing all lectures and adapting quizzes, presentations and exercises to this new innovative format. This addition to OETC’s service is in line with our managing philosophy and mission statement.
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