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Portal Program: Are you already a trainer with courses developed? Do you normally deliver your training the traditional way? Are you interested in getting into training and earning some extra income. If you’ve got what it takes then you can join our Portal Program. You can train your courses through OETC. o Provide training from the convenience of your home office - We’ll walk you through it. o OETC will advertise, schedule and sign up attendees. We will print and send your course material and/or send 3rd party publications directly to students. We will provide completion certificates following the successful completion of e-exams and upload Director Approval / CEU information to the provincial / state regulator. o OETC will take care of everything. On training day you need only Log-in & Call-in from a location of your convenience, deliver your training and acquire your payments. o You retain full Intellectual Property Rights to your training materials. o Reach a greater audience - OETC’s innovative e-Training system can accommodate students from across North America and throughout the world. Contact us via the form below to find out more about our Portal Program. All course developers and trainers must meet OETC Assessment Policies. OETC uses similar criteria for approving trainers and course developers as the Ontario Ministry of Environment assessment criteria for Director Approved courses and trainers.
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